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More Leads In Your Pipeline,
More “Yesses” From Your Leads



An all-in-one revenue generation solution of the absolute highest caliber forged with elite and persuasive marketing hammers


We’ll capture your magnificence, craft irresistible messaging, and broadcast it to the world on your behalf


Direct access to our revenue infrastructures that will acquire customers on auto-pilot


Custom-tailored client onboarding, ensuring we are the perfect match for sustained revenue conquest


Reasonable packages with a calculated ROI plan for a fixed period


The 3 pillars of RAAS

(Revenue As A Service)

Business Growth Assessment

Business Growth Engine

Business Growth Blastoff

Join thousands of progressive businesses that have already started their revenue growth journey!

Onboarding Process


1-on-1 call with our business growth experts


Assessment of all revenue inhibitors


A to Z creation of your revenue treasure map


Release of our client acquisition hounds


We bring the leads or the sales to your doorstep


Nowadays, thousands of companies worldwide struggle to identify the flaws in their business fundamentals. They deal with low sales, diminishing profit margins, and insufficient prospects in the pipeline, resulting in uncertain or absent business growth.

Living in the technological era of optimization & automation and utilizing our decade-long expertise, we decided it is time to alleviate all the challenges related to sustainable business growth.

That is how our Revenue-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution was born.

Think about all the great leads waiting for you, but you do not have the professionals who can close them…

Think about all your great salespeople who do not have enough qualified leads to talk to…

That’s what we call the Sales-to-Marketing paradox.

And that is why we are here to fix it with our end-to-end revenue generation solution.

Our primary objective is to maximize your profits and minimize your headaches by combining everything required for sustainable business growth under one single roof.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to prepare a custom-tailored roadmap and playbook that fit your exact needs and budget. That might not always be possible; however, we do our best to offer suitable packages even for businesses with the most conservative budget.

We have been launching and running successful companies in a vast number of industries. Some of them have even been recognized as a “Top 5 Technology” at Techweek NYC and named the “Hottest Healthcare Startup” by TechCocktail.


Moreover, we have also founded Scarlet Startups, which grew into one of NJ’s largest tech entrepreneur communities.


Best of all, our founder, David Goldstein, is known for his mentorship of companies at Tigerlabs Ventures, often serving as a guest lecturer at Rutgers University.

Most of our competitors promise an X number of new leads, however, what they (and their clients) do not understand is that many of them are useless unless they are hyper-targeted and qualified. 


We are renowned for our custom-tailored Revenue-as-a-Service (RaaS) model, designed to hunt down your ideal prospect or client.


Our focus is not only on lead generation and prospecting – we do everything from demand creation and awareness all the way through to getting the deal closed.

It is very simple – for what you would be paying for a single employee, we are doing with an entire team of dedicated experts.

When you hire employees, you have to deal with HR laws, performance improvement plans, and turnover issues that can affect your company culture, trigger potential lawsuits, etc.

You do not have to worry about any of these if you go with our RaaS solution.

This widely depends on your industry, online presence, and dominance in the market. Bold claims and guarantees of qualified leads per month are the #1 red flags for you to watch for.

Anyone could give you an X number of leads per month, but they will not result in sustainable revenue growth if poorly targeted. Remember, quantity does not mean quality.


Our proven approach is to first meet with you, go through our thorough discovery process, and put together a winning roadmap and playbook.


Finally, we help you execute that roadmap and scale your business the right way.

Ready to take over the world?